Directors Update August 23

Congratulations to the Boys 2008 Red Team for who were CHAMPIONS of the Brevard Soccer Tournament August 2018.  Keep up the great work boys!


Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) Awards a  Schlorship Ceremony for Alyssa.  The award was given to Stoneman Douglas Soccer Player, Amanda Strauss.  Congratulations Amanda...Long live Alyssa, forever in our hearts and soul.  Your spirit shines brightly.

Speed & Agility (S&A)  and Club Skills Nights (first touch, striking the ball, 1v1, running with the ball). Start dates are listed below and times/field will be announced soon.  

U15 - U19:  Speed and Agility will begin on Wednesday, August 29

U9 - U14:  Speed and Agility will begin on Monday, September 17

Goalkeeper Training with Coach JR and Coach Alejandro.    We would like to welcome an additional Goalkeeper Coach Alejandro Trevino.  Coach Alejandro has spent most of his soccer years as a goalkeeper. He has committed himself to pursue a coaching career. He looks forward to become involved with the city of Parkland in hopes to continue to develop young keepers to be the best they can be. 

Tuesday & Thursday
2010-2007 from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Field B4
2006-2004 from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Field B4
2003-2001 from 8:00 pm -9:00 pm Field B4

Parent / Coach Engagement Schedule:  

These meetings are to inform and educate our parents on various soccer topics.  All meetings will be held at Terramar Park near the concession stand.  Parents should bring a chair as seating is limited.

Dates & Themes: 

Sept. 18: Theme: The Game

October 23: Theme: The Mind

November 13: Theme: The Next Level

Age Group & Times:

U9-U10 from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

U11-U13 from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

U14-U18 from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm 


Upcoming Tournaments: 



2003 Boys White


2004 Boys Red

2003 Boys Red

2002 Boys Red

2003 Girls


2010 Boys Red

2010 Boys White

2009 Boys Red

2009 Boys White

2008 Boys white

2008 Boys Navy

2007 Boys Red

2007 Boys White

2007 Boys Navy

2006 Boys White

2005 Boys White

2009 Girls Red

2009 Girls White

2008 Girls Red

2008 Girls White

2007 Girls

2006 Girls

2008 Boys Red



Parent & Player Rights

As a parent of a PSC travel team member you understand that the only "right" players have is to practice 3 times a week, and to do it to the best of their ability.

Playing time, position players play, is absolutely Not a right at all.

How to contact the coach?

Players and parents must send an email to coach requesting a meeting via phone call. When appropriate, in person meetings can also be arranged. Players and or parents are not allowed to text or call the coach frivolously. Parents are not allowed to walk up to the coach after games to discuss their child’s playing time, the game or soccer in general.

How to communicate with referees

Players and or parents are not allowed to show dissent, behave in a negative or abusive manner towards any game official.

Where to sit during games

Parents are only allowed to sit directly facing our team bench between the half line and the corner flag along the sideline. Sitting along or behind the goal lines is not permitted.

How to communicate on the sidelines & comments made generally

Parents are not allowed to coach their child or any other player during the game. Parents can cheer for the team. Parents are not allowed to speak about players on the team, directly or in-directly. Parents must support the PSC missions to facilitate a safe, fun and healthy environment for all the families that participate in League activities. Parents are not allowed to coerce, manipulate, demean, disrespect, emotionally harm or threaten any of the PSC families.

Parents Roles & Responsibilities

Parents and guardians, assume primary responsibility for the wellbeing of their child, and therefore have a duty to ensure that all their basic needs are met while they participate in Soccer activities.

You also have a responsibility to teach your children values such as:

• Participation

• Enjoyment

• Fair play

• Respect

It is also your duty to explain to your child the Codes of Conduct set out by the club to ensure that they understand, agree and sign up to these codes.

Parents Code of Conduct

As primary care givers for their children, parents and guardians assume overall responsibility for the positive development of their child and therefore have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner which supports this process. Your club should expect all parents and guardians to promote the positive aspects of soccer by demonstrating exemplary behavior at all times – this includes encouraging their child’s participation in the game, demonstrating respect for staff and officials and behaving responsibly on the side lines.

While Soccer can evoke very passionate emotions and reactions, you should ensure these emotions and reactions are positive rather than negative. This includes not resorting to argumentative behavior on the sidelines, or engaging in any form of abusive behavior – including the use of social media to make, provoke or respond to abusive, threatening or other inappropriate behavior.

Why Do Children and Young People Play Soccer?

• To be with their friends / make new friends

• To have fun

• To learn new skills

• To score goals

• To be part of a team

• An inspirational coach

• To build confidence

• To achieve

• To become a college or professional player.

Children don’t want:

• Pressure

• To be shouted at

• To be embarrassed

• To feel humiliated

• Conflicting messages from coaches and parents

• To be isolated from their friends because of their parent’s / guardian’s behavior.

Positive Soccer Parent

Are you being a positive parent? Parents and guardians play an essential part in encouraging and supporting their child’s participation in Soccer. They play a pivotal role in providing lifts to and from training / matches, buying their Soccer kit and supplying additional equipment.

Many of you also contribute by helping out as volunteers at the club, running fundraising events or helping out with websites or funding applications. You can be the positive role model by adopting a positive approach to your child’s involvement. This includes promoting values such as fair play and respect.

However, there are times when parental behavior is much less positive which makes it difficult for children to enjoy or even continue to take part in Soccer. Sometimes parents / guardians may not initially recognize or realize that they are behaving in a negative or abusive way.

Negative Soccer Parents

• Are consistently negative about, mock, verbally abuse or threaten their own child or other players

• Criticize and shout abusive comments at officials, other spectators or coaches

• Square up to, threaten or have fights with other adults or young players

• Encroach on the field of play, physically intervene, or disrupt play

• Expect too much of their children

• Focus exclusively on winning at any cost

• Encourage foul play or rule breaking

• Contradict the advice or guidance of the coach

• Push talented children too hard and too fast

• Pursue their own Soccer dreams through their children

• Define their child by their talent and success alone

• Demand that their child sacrifices ‘fun’ activities for ‘serious’ training.

How does this affect children and young people?

It is important to understand and acknowledge how negative parental behavior affects children and young people (their own, other young participants or young officials). Children and young people tell us:

• “I get really scared when they are all shouting at me”

• “Dad thinks he’s helping – but he just puts me off my game”

• “When mum starts yelling from the side I feel so embarrassed”

• “It doesn’t matter if I played well - if we lose they don’t even talk to me”

• “The car ride home is the worst part of sports”

• “It’s confusing when the coach says do this, but dad says do it different”

• “When I don’t do as well as I should I know mum feels I’ve let her down – even if she doesn’t say it”

• “I just wanted to give it all up”

• “He seems to forget that it’s my team”

How to be a Positive Soccer Parent

• Support your child enthusiastically

• Encourage your child without expecting perfection

• Be a good role model – to children and other parents

• Promote respect and fair play

• Acknowledge the efforts of all the children

• Encourage your child to play by the rules

• Support the coaches and officials (particularly young officials)

• Share challenges or criticisms (of officials, coaches or players) in a constructive way

• Encourage other spectators to be positive

• Challenge or report poor sideline behavior

• Allow the coaches to coach

• Support and respect your child’s ambitions in Soccer

• Remember that this is your child’s Soccer experience – not yours

• Celebrate and support your child as a whole person who needs a range of experiences both inside and outside Soccer. 

League Websites for References and Schedules: 

• Palm Beach League (Early Season League):

• South Florida United (Regular and Early Season League):

• Florida Premier Soccer League (FSPL) 

• National Premier League (NPL)

 Team Snap

PSC will be using Team Snap for our Team and Club Communications.  You should have all received an email to accept the invitation to “Join” the team and Join “PSC Club”.  Please accept both invitations so that you will be up to date on all of your teams schedule, games, trainings, and club information such as rainouts.  If you need any assistance with setting up your account, please contact your team manager.

Player Attire to all practices:

Navy PSC Nike Training Shirt

Navy Nike Shorts

Navy Nike Socks

For Games: (Always bring both sets of uniforms)

Home Kit: White Jersey, White Shorts and White Socks

Away Kit: Red Jersey, Red Shorts, and Red Socks

Uniforms & Spiritwear


This link will take you directly to your PSC's main section page on SOCCER.COM. You will be able to see all of the product that your club has selected for its players.


 Non-Resident Sports Card

Individuals residing outside of the City of Parkland must purchase a non-resident sports card in order to participate in all City of Parkland Sports Organizations.  The cost for the non-resident sports card is $172.00 and covers all members of a family. As of January 5, 2015, the Sports Card will be valid from July to July.  LINK to Application (Should be submitted to at the City of Parkland Recreation and Enrichment Center)

 Upcoming Club Payment is September 1, 2018 


Thank you to our PSC 2018-2019 Sponsors

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